12 Days of Christmas

Day 4 Your Hero Story

Join Forgiveness Expert and Master Storyteller and Story Mentor Brenda Adelman as we shift today from
Forgiveness to
Healing through Storytelling

You'll receive Brenda's
60 -minute audio Training.

Brenda takes you through several exercises she's used to heal from her Trauma Story in a way that has allowed her to share her story powerfully in front of thousands and thousands of audience members.

All while feeling empowered and empowering her audiences.

This is what you can do!

Heal from Your Story so You Can Be the Hero in it and Change Lives.

Brenda addresses the ego's need to HIDE as we get more visible and how to heal this so you can impact more people and experience more success by BEING YOU!

Being YOU on stage, in interviews, on Zoom and in personal conversations.

Discover how to take your power back from an OLD LIFE STORY. Use the energy that's been stuck to catapult you into a successful 2021.

Here are some of the topics addressed:

How to Use your Anger in a Healthy Way to Heal that Serves You.

How to breathe yourself to a sense of peace.

How to stop being defined by your story while still using it to change lives.

How to reframe shame and guilt.

How to NEVER take too much responsibility.

How to Release any Victim energy lingering within you so that you become more powerful.

The one exercise that will help you coach yourself every time so you can make your day better NOW, not later.

How to truly LOVE and forgive yourself so you don't feel a need to numb out and escape or hide from your light...or your story.

This Masterclass training:
How to Heal from Your Story has never been available separately.
It was offered LIVE as part of Brenda's Program

The Freedom to Tell Your Hero Story ($1K value)

You'll also receive her step-by-step exercise to coach yourself through the resistance you may be feeling that has been stopping you from stepping fully into the light
(of centerstage- of course).

This is available to you today for just
one payment of $97


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