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Who will you be in 30 days without the burden of resentment and guilt? A Phoenix Rising! 

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30 Days of
Forgiveness with Brenda
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If you've got a BIG story around betrayal, abandonment, not-enoughness or anger you can't let go of, I can help you with my step-by-step system. If you continue to hold the story/ person/ yourself as wrong- you'll get more similar experiences of being Wronged. We'll reset that so you can let go of the burden of Unforgiveness or needing to Punish or Protect yourself from anyone.
In these Uncertain Times, you want to have certainty where you can.
The daily lessons you'll receive in 30 Days of Forgiveness with Brenda will give you the tools to experience more freedom in your mind, body, and soul.

Week 1:
Self Forgiveness Week 2: Forgiving Our Mother

Week 3: Forgiving Our Father Week 4: Forgiving God  

Brenda is an amazing coach.: loving, kind, enthusiastic, intuitive, and at the same time didn’t let me get away with not getting to the root of things. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants to let go of old stuff, rewire their brains, and move forward in a big way. Linda Walling 

Brenda has a special way of giving you the knowledge, and direction, you need to really make a difference, to really make a change, in your life. She is very good about keeping you on track for a real recovery.  

Tim Hawks 

30 Days of Forgiveness with Brenda

Spend 30 Days with me as I guide you directly and compassionately to get unstuck in the Daily Lessons and the Videos.
You'll get the tools you need in my Step-by-Step Mastery Course. Together we Rise. Learn, Are Seen, Loved and Soar. We meet for 3o days.
I share everything I've learned from forgiving my father for killing my mom and marrying her sister, my aunt.
Life as I knew it forever changed. I am equipped to share with how you, too, can thrive despite loss, challenges and change.
I'm giving you my tools...what I learned and invested in over many years of my life to finally get to the other side and experience LOVE and PEACE and FREEDOM again. 30 days of guidance and a lifetime of change.