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Who will you be in 30 days without the burden of resentment and guilt? A Phoenix Rising! 

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30 Days of Forgiveness 

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I want to LOVE & FORGIVE Myself. Sign-me up.

If you've got a BIG story around betrayal (by self or someone else), abandonment, not enoughness or anger you can't let go of I can help you with this step-by-step system. If you continue to hold the story/ person/ yourself as wrong- you'll get more similar experiences of being Wronged. We'll reset that so you can let go of the burden of Unforgiveness or needing to Punish or Protect yourself from anyone. Week 1: Self Forgiveness Week 2: Forgiving Our Mother Week 3: Forgiving Our Father Week 4: Forgiving God 

Brenda is an amazing coach.: loving, kind, enthusiastic, intuitive, and at the same time didn’t let me get away with not getting to the root of things. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants to let go of old stuff, rewire their brains, and move forward in a big way. Linda Walling 

Brenda has a special way of giving you the knowledge, and direction, you need to really make a difference, to really make a change, in your life. She is very good about keeping you on track for a real recovery.  

Tim Hawks 


Spend 30 Days with me as I guide you directly and compassionately to get unstuck in the Daily Lessons. You'll get the tools you need in my Step-by-Step Mastery Course. Together we Rise. Learn, Be Seen, Be Loved and Soar. We meet for 3o days. I share everything I've learned from forgiving my father for killing my mom and marrying her sister, my aunt. I'm giving you my tools...what I learned and invested in over many years of my life to finally get to the other side and experience LOVE and PEACE and FREEDOM again. 30 days of guidance and a lifetime of change.